24 June, 2005

Have a break!

Got an email from a friend from back home. Very funny so I'm translating to english and hope the essense stays intact! Here it goes:


1. What did BinLaden say when he saw the Pisa Tower?


2. What do mobile phones and Olympiakos (Greek Soccer Team) have in common?

"Both don't work abroad!"

3. What do a married man and a single man have in common?

"They think the other actually has sex!"

4. Why we call the heart surgery "by-pass"?

"Because if it fails ..."BYE"- Pas (=you are gone in Greek)!"

5. Why -"choose a stingy person"- has big nostrils?

"Because air is free!"

And the last one:

6. Why married guys are more fat than single guys?

-The sigle guys check what's in the fridge and go to bed.
-The married men check what's in the bed and go to the fridge!


Nightraveller said...

I love the last one, cant stop laughing!!! ha ha ha

Giancarlo said...

Isn't Furui loosing weight? I think he now weights 5-7 less kilograms than when he arrived to Japan last year. Bet he's not going to the fridge...