02 June, 2005

You are angry with your wife, what do you do?

Burn all the money you were saving for years!!! Yes, it happened! Here is the article...

Jerusalem - An Israeli man angry with his wife over money matters set fire to three million shekels (about 678,580.96 USD) on the lawn of his affluent suburban home on Wednesday, a news website reported.

After reaching the end of his tether in the marital spat, he had opened the family safe, taken out several piles of banknotes, stuffed them in sacks and dragged them outside, said the online edition of Yediot Aharonot.

"In 36 years, I have seen nothing like it," one fireman was quoted as saying after four fire engines hurtled through Rehovot, near Tel Aviv, following reports of someone trying to set fire to his house.

The firemen were confronted by the banknotes smouldering on the lawn.

A police investigation is under way.

Source: www.iol.co.za

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Giancarlo said...

Angry with his wife and then setting fire to ALL his money? C'mon! Think it over again... He is Jewish!!! I'm sure he just piled up 10% of all the money and burned it out with some newspapers... and the other 90%? Well hidden in a secret bank account...

PS: Sorry to all my Jewish friends... But I'm sure none of you would have done something like what he did!

The Furui Man said...

hahahahahaha didin't think that way!!! Possible though!