24 August, 2005

8-bit Music!

If you are as old as me then chances are you used an 8-bit computer (Spectrum, Atari, Commodore). There are a bunch of groups specializing in music made with 8-bit computers. The results are amazing. Well, you have to listen for yourselves.

The featured group is called AY Riders and the album is .. "ZX Spectrum is Alive".
The AY Riders is a group of chiptune maniacs that formed up in 2002. This special release from them is a follow-up to their third album "8 Bits Is Enuff" and features energetic and unique tunes from Yerzmyey, X-Agon, Factor6, and Gasman. Its clear from the moment that you hear the first arpeggiated notes and crunchy beats that these guys truly love the Speccy and its soundchip, masterfully controlling it to rock the scene.

Download the music here (don't worry is free) and enjoy!
ZX Spectrum is Alive!


Anonymous said...

Hah...I am going to sound really stupid here but what is an 8 bit comp?

The Furui Man said...

Here is a link about ZX Spectrum, a typical 8-bit. Another one is the Atari 800XL (used to have one).

Giancarlo said...

Your another 8-bit... I'm a brand new 64-bit!