01 September, 2005

The 80's - Part III

OK, this is the last on - I promise!
I wrote about the arcades, the computers and something about music but the whole 80's think wouldn't be complete without the style of the decade! The hair, the way of dressing was most probably the messiest and silliest style since ...well the 60's. Here is a good example: C.C. Catch, German pop singer, well famous in Europe (maybe not in USA).

How about those heavy metal groups, like the "Scorpions"!!!

The guys were having posters of this lady hidden and if the they could post it somewhere their least fortunate friends could see: Samantha Fox.

By far the 80's was a cool time to be a teenager!!!


Giancarlo said...

Oh! Samantha Fox! You can get more pictures here. Too bad she's a lesbian. Or maybe, too good???
This blog should be calles "Chris' 80's Show"
Nices memories, man!

Eddie said...

i think u are really old now...
or is there something from the 80s that u still miss???

Pilarcita said...

80's and 90's were the best years of my life...