20 October, 2005


Of all my kids, my eldest son is the most challenging. Those who have met him can verify that. He can be a real pain. Some days he is so persistenly annoying that the only way to deal with him is ...not to deal with him!
Sometimes he is an angel! In those rare occations he can really amaze you with his behavior and his kindness. Last night was one of those days. He helped around the house and took care of his little brother and sister. Just before he went to bed he asked mommy:

- Mommy, was I kicking in your belly a lot?
- In fact, yes you did.
- Do you know why I was doing that?
- No, why?
- Because I wanted to meet mommy quickly!

Then he went to bed.
Raising children is maybe one of the most difficult jobs around, but moments like that worth all the trouble you go through for sure!


Pilarcita said...

Yes, you are right. Sometimes kids can be soooooo sweet!...they make everything worthy...

The Furui Man said...

Rarely, but when they are it is good!

Eddie said...

make another baby then

Anonymous said...


Ai Ling

Cloud Strife said...

I think having kids is the MOST difficult job ever. No vacations, you cant be sick, there are no holidays! but in the other hand it can gives a lot of happy times. I have a young sister and its hard, I cant imagine take care of kids sometimes but you are very happy when you see grow up and develop theirselves.

Peppermint said...

Hi, Furui Man, i started reading your site after to knowing pilarcita´s blog. Now, i'm another visit of your statistics. I like much this type of posts, because, i consider a children the most precious things.

(sorry if my english is not good)

Un saludo