17 November, 2005

Recycle anybody?

My lab is moving to the new campus in Katsura Campus next August. Along with us several labs in our building will do the same. Like true engineers and planners we are, proactive action is a must! For that reason we are getting rid of all the "clutter" in our lab, early. You will be amazed to see what is being trashed! I took some photos for you to see by yourselves. I'm wondering if all of the "clutter" will be trashed or recycled somehow... I have yet to find out. It will be a shame if no recycling takes place because some stuff can be reused. Anyway I will let the photos talk by themselves!

Office chairs, monitors and some pairs of ... skis!!!

A fan, gas heaters, a nearly brand new helmet, office cabinets...

A safe can be "clutter" too! I have yet to open it and make sure they didn't forget some valuables in!

Chairs, cables, computer parts, stereos, you name it...

This is for Joseph! Go get it man before it's gone! Just remember me when you become famous... "My first electric guitar was found in Kyodai's trash!"

Computers laying open without their "guts", keyboards, fans and misc. apparatus!


Pilarcita said...

WOW! You can find almost ANYTHING there...

The Furui Man said...

It is fun for sure taking photos of "trash"!!! It is impossible to that anymore because the area is "secured"! Big blue plastic sheets cover the area making it not accessible to anybody's view!

boris antonovich said...

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You Japanese people thrown away EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here in Russia we STILL USE lab equipment made in 1940 with vacuum tubes. One of professors went to Japan by bribing passport control vodka and american dollars for visa and went dumpster diving and brought back stuff in suitcase that Siberian research academy of engineering could use! After drinking liter vodka we spent hour repairing equipment with Soviet parts bought for roubles at street. when we searched for parts our 1970 VAZ wheel axle broke down due to bad roads and corrupt road construction crews and we had to buy part and repair ourselves. we after bribed police after they stoped us for nothing. all the time smoked 4 packs of cigarets.

So you guys just throw away everything each year?? We have to work 10 hour on 1970 KAMAZ'S with manual hand starting cranks and manual fuel pump when it gets -50 C with vodka and spare parts and policebribes for business.

In old days i worked on soviet factory to make transistors in 1989 and 2 out of 1,500 parts worked and we had to throw away the other 1,498 parts to trash. the government could not order parts from japan from treaty so ordered toys from japan. we opened toys and soldered out eletronic parts to use on ussr military missiles.