02 December, 2005

Kyodai Student Festival 2005!

It was a fine day and I grab my camera and, accompanied by two friends, browsed the sights of this year's student festival. Every year student organizations set up small stalls to sell various delicacies they prepare (takoyaki, yakisoba, crepes, gyoza, etc.) or to offer participation in games for a fee to the visitors. By doing so, the student organizations, advertise themselves and also raise some money, but mostly everything is done for fun. Some things can be considered "fun" for the Japanese students but for foreigners, at least in my case, seem weird. In the photos that follow I try to capture what was going on with an eye on the "weird"!

Here is the view of the festival in the main campus. You can see the stalls on the right and some people enjoying the delicacies.

Pikachu was there also, trying to attract customers!

The entrance to the south campus. No bicycles, motorcycles, cars and ...UFO are allowed in!

Here is an interesting one. Mr. Goose here challenges the visitors to a game of JanKenPon (rock-paper-scissors). For a fee of 100yen you can try to beat Mr. Goose 5 times in a row. The price: 10,000! Not an easy task! If you think about it the probability of winning is very slim! More about it here!

Another photo of Mr. Goose and his friend the Cow-man. Notice the nipples of the cow and the strategically-placed-dangling head of the goose!

I kept the best for last. As I mentioned earlier, the competition is fierce among the student organizations to get exposure and customers. Every year they try to do so with something different and they draw their "inspiration" from what is "hot" in Japan at the moment. This one took me a while to figure out. What do Gyoza and guys dressed as french maids have in common! Indeed a puzzle addressed to the geniuses of Kyodai! Me, far from been one, took me some time to figure it out. Finally I did. The sign behind the happy "French Maid" reads: "Hard Gyoza, HG, 3 for 100yen". The keyword is "Hard Gyoza" or "HG" for short. "HG" is also the nickname of a "hot" Japanese comedian that goes by the name "Hard Gay". If you can read Spanish check my friend Pilar's excellent post about Mr. HG. (alternatively you can pass the post through Google translation). So here we have it: "Hard Gyoza" = "HG" = "Hard Gay" = "Guy dressed as French Maid to look Gay in order to sell Hard Gyoza". End of puzzle. Enough, have to rest my poor little brain from overheating now! See you!


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