31 May, 2005

Test Your Browser's Security

Found this site that checks the vulnerabilities of your browser. It's free and it can be accessed at http://bcheck.scanit.be/bcheck/.

Test Your Browser's Security Now!

Can someone hack into your computer via your browser? How vulnerable you are? Can websites install spyware through your browser? Scanit's Browser Security Test automatically checks your browser for various security problems. When the test is finished you get a complete report explaining the discovered vulnerabilities, their impact and how to eliminate them.

30 May, 2005

Some years ago...

Here are two photos of me taken some years ago, in case you are wondering how I used to look like!!

25 May, 2005

Banana Guard!

Are you fed up with bringing bananas to work or school only to find them bruised and squashed? Then Check the solution at Banana Guard!

Everything has a starting point!

Here it is - the first post on the FURUI MAN all new Blog!