27 June, 2005

Movie No. 3

Giancarlo is working very hard lately. A new movie, shorlty after his big hit is released. This movie is actually a prequel and describes very well how the whole problem with the crows started (apart from been at the wrong spot, the wrong time). I suggest to go watch the movie or the wrath of Kyodai crows will be upon you!!!

Click on the image for the full size.

24 June, 2005

Have a break!

Got an email from a friend from back home. Very funny so I'm translating to english and hope the essense stays intact! Here it goes:


1. What did BinLaden say when he saw the Pisa Tower?


2. What do mobile phones and Olympiakos (Greek Soccer Team) have in common?

"Both don't work abroad!"

3. What do a married man and a single man have in common?

"They think the other actually has sex!"

4. Why we call the heart surgery "by-pass"?

"Because if it fails ..."BYE"- Pas (=you are gone in Greek)!"

5. Why -"choose a stingy person"- has big nostrils?

"Because air is free!"

And the last one:

6. Why married guys are more fat than single guys?

-The sigle guys check what's in the fridge and go to bed.
-The married men check what's in the bed and go to the fridge!

23 June, 2005

New movie is out!!!

Don't miss the new movie by my good friend Giancarlo! After his adventure with the crows he decided to make a movie out of it and become rich quickly! For more info check his blog at Unrelated Thoughts!
Here is a poster from his movie. Click on the image for the full size.

21 June, 2005

Giancarlo Flores the ...Italian

Yes the mistake was done twice. On top of that nuisance made in Peru there is an Italian version!!! Check it here to see for yourself. Now which is more talented I don't know, decide by yourselves!!!

19 June, 2005

Frappe... in Kyoto!

For those who have been in Greece or Cyprus during summer most probably know what Frappe is. You can check the recipe here if you want. It is basically a type of iced coffee, preferably mixed with milk. Greek people love coffee and frappe is very popular during those hot summer days (and nights). Been away from home, I miss lots of things and frappe is just one of them. So one hot day I decided to make frappe here. Frappe needs to be shaken (read the recipe above) and back home we usually use a small portable mixer to do the job. It's quick, it makes good froth and your arm doesn't hurt afterwards (not to mentioned been teased when doing the up-down shaking... ). I was lucky enough to find a battery operated hand mixer here in Kyoto for 300 yen, weak but does the job (see photo below).
People around me were curious about the coffee I was making so I explained what it was and everybody, after trying it, got hooked! So much that a friend that she never drinks coffee now demands to have a frappe when I have one!!!

17 June, 2005

Photos from my hometown!

Found this site with amazing photos from my hometown. Click on the photo to take a look.
The site's url is:


Photo by Vsevolod Khasanov.

15 June, 2005

Tango Fishing Trip

I have added all the photos from the Tango Fishing trip (84 in total). Check all of them by clicking at the photo below.

Here is a photo of some of the trip participants waiting for the perfect shot!

13 June, 2005

Rock Music!

I guess I can call that "ROCK" music!!! One of the volunteers that guided us at the Tango Fishing trip played music from the area using rocks that found around Amanohashidate. The rocks have holes and produce a very high pitch but nice melody... Click on the photo to see the rest of the photos and enjoy!

07 June, 2005


Dog condoms? Yes only in the BUSH-land. Read the promotion:
The problem of dog overpopulation is a real one. However, the noble goal of preventing unwanted dog pregnancy does not justify the means being used. Millions of brutal forced castrations and female genital mutilations take place every year in America. We need to put a stop to these atrocities and give every living creature the respect it deserves.
Visit www.dogcondoms.com to see by your self!!!

02 June, 2005

You are angry with your wife, what do you do?

Burn all the money you were saving for years!!! Yes, it happened! Here is the article...

Jerusalem - An Israeli man angry with his wife over money matters set fire to three million shekels (about 678,580.96 USD) on the lawn of his affluent suburban home on Wednesday, a news website reported.

After reaching the end of his tether in the marital spat, he had opened the family safe, taken out several piles of banknotes, stuffed them in sacks and dragged them outside, said the online edition of Yediot Aharonot.

"In 36 years, I have seen nothing like it," one fireman was quoted as saying after four fire engines hurtled through Rehovot, near Tel Aviv, following reports of someone trying to set fire to his house.

The firemen were confronted by the banknotes smouldering on the lawn.

A police investigation is under way.

Source: www.iol.co.za

By the way, here is a good site to get the latests currency rates.

01 June, 2005

Where on earth is Kyoto?

If you answer Japan you are right. But then if you answer Tanzania (Africa) then you are right again!!! Yes there is a Kyoto in Tanzania too!!! Proof, see the map by checking this link.

New book by Bush!

Found this to be one of the best modifications! Enjoy!