20 November, 2006

Don't complain about little things

After watching this I think you will never complain about trivial problems you have in life! This guy is just amazing. See for yourself...

13 November, 2006

Men of the month!!! (Nov. 2006)

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26 October, 2006

Company of the month!

Now that's a company with ballz!!!

08 September, 2006

Man of the month (September 2006)

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31 July, 2006

Man of the month!!!

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20 July, 2006

Icon Story!


11 July, 2006


This is growing fast!!! Have fun, be Zidane!

10 July, 2006

The World Cup is OVER!

The world cup is over with a bang (a head bang that is)!!! Too bad I couldn't watch the final game (too tired to stay up to 3:00am to watch it here). Checking from the news this morning, it seems I missed a good game. Can't wait to see a recording of it!

23 May, 2006

Spiritual Parents - UPDATE!

In a previous posting I wrote about Nakazawa-sensei's new book: "Useful Book of Verbs". I accidentally met with her today after a while and since we were both busy we talked very little. She told me that the book is now sold in Amazon.co.jp and it comes in two new "flavors", 動詞便利帳~韓国語版 and 動詞便利帳~中国語版.

Click this link to check the new books. The book is targeted towards the learners of Japanese that have trouble memorizing verb conjugations and transitive and intransitive verbs (well pretty much all of us!) It lists 1,500 verbs, each labeled with its kanji, verb group, -te form, transitive/intransitive marker and an English definition. The book is small and compact (A5 size), and can be carried around easily. If you study Japanese now or thinking to start soon, I recommend you to order a copy, it will be very helpful for your studies. I know it is for me!

09 March, 2006

Now Listening 2

First check this guy doing his ukelele weep and then listen to the classic!

Beatles: While My Guitar Gently Weeps

08 March, 2006


There is motivation and demotivation! A company on the internet, despair.com, created the perfect products that promote demotivation. Well see for yourself, really hillarious!

...and my favorite:

You can view all here!

22 February, 2006

Amazing artwork!

This is quite big but I had to post it! Just amazing (you will agree when you reach the end of it)!

09 February, 2006

Cool Game!

Check this cool game!

31 January, 2006

Lots of photos!

I have added lots of photos at the minatsu Gallery:

CYPRUS, Kourion

CYPRUS, Limassol

Switzerland, Zurich

CYPRUS, Lemons

Check all the photos here.

25 January, 2006


Here is a good one!

A brunette goes to the doctor and says, 'Everywhere I touch it hurts.'
He asks 'What do you mean?'
So she showed him what she meant. She touched her knee and said 'Ouch!'
Then she touched her chest and said, 'Ouch!'
Then her shoulder, 'Ouch!'
The doctor looks at her and asks, 'Your really blonde, aren''t you?'
She replies 'Yes, as a matter of fact I am. How did you guess?'
Doctor says, 'Well your finger is broken.'