23 May, 2006

Spiritual Parents - UPDATE!

In a previous posting I wrote about Nakazawa-sensei's new book: "Useful Book of Verbs". I accidentally met with her today after a while and since we were both busy we talked very little. She told me that the book is now sold in Amazon.co.jp and it comes in two new "flavors", 動詞便利帳~韓国語版 and 動詞便利帳~中国語版.

Click this link to check the new books. The book is targeted towards the learners of Japanese that have trouble memorizing verb conjugations and transitive and intransitive verbs (well pretty much all of us!) It lists 1,500 verbs, each labeled with its kanji, verb group, -te form, transitive/intransitive marker and an English definition. The book is small and compact (A5 size), and can be carried around easily. If you study Japanese now or thinking to start soon, I recommend you to order a copy, it will be very helpful for your studies. I know it is for me!


Eddie said...

hmm.. i will think of buying it as well.

The Furui Man said...

Eddie, I have the book. Stop by if you want to take a look at it.

Anonymous said...

Cool.....I am also thinking of buying. Am ashamed of my Japanese. I need to brush up. After passing up my thesis this month!!
Ai Ling