26 August, 2007

Eddie's soul mate!!

Eddie I found your soul mate!!! Watch for yourself and act quickly!

20 August, 2007

You're Pitiful!

"You're Pitiful" is "Weird Al" Yankovic's excellent parody of "You're Beautiful" by James Blunt. Enjoy! Eddie listen closely, he is singing to you!!!

Here are the lyrics:

My life is brilliant...

What, was I too early? Oh, sorry. Should I...Do you wanna start over? Or, keep going?
Okay, now? Now?

My life is brilliant
Your life's a joke
You're just pathetic
You're always broke

Your homemade Star Trek uniform
really ain't impressin' me
You're sufferin' from delusions of

You're Pitiful (X3) It's true

Never had a date
That ya couldn't inflate
And ya smell repulsive too
What a bummer bein' you

Well ya just can't dance
And forget romance
Everybody you know still calls ya
Farty Pants
But you always have a job well I mean

As long as you still can work that slurpie machine

You're Pitiful (X3) It's true

You're half undressed
Eatin' chips of your chest
While you're playin' Halo 2
No one's classier than you

Lalala la
Lalala la
Lalala la Loser

You're Pitiful (X3) It's true

Your dog would much rather
Play fetch by itself

You still live with your Mom and you're 42

Guess you'll never grow a clue
When it just sucks to be you

13 August, 2007

The hide-the-bald-spot pro!

This guy is a real pro!

06 August, 2007

Crazy Cats!

How can you live in a house with so many cats? She can!