16 July, 2009

The pussification of samurai!

Meant to write about that for a long time but kept postponing. Then, today I read this article at Japan Times: "Herbivorous men are new consumer kings". I've been observing with my own eyes the pussification of the young generation of Japanese men. Here is proof:

"Koji Munemori, 34, of the Tokyo branch of the Daimaru department store chain, said he did not imagine that men would line up to buy macaroons made by Pierre Herme Paris"

and more

"Suntory Ltd., maker of alcoholic beverages and soft drinks, in March started selling Protein Water for young men seeking a slender and muscular body. In one month, it sold half of the total it had planned to sell in a year."

even more

"Standard men's underwear previously was conservatively colored and priced at ¥1,000 for a set of three. Now, those with printed patterns in a variety of colors, including red and pink, are popular at Hankyu Men's department store in Osaka."

Miyamoto Musashi is rolling in his grave.